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Relocate, Assess, or Upgrade Office IT Infrastructure with Constructive-IT

Full-Service IT and Network Support for Your Office Tech Projects

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Improve Performance with Premium IT Systems for Your Business

Constructive-IT works with your in-house IT teams for a stress-free office relocation, new building fit-out, efficient Wi-Fi, cabling installation, audio-visual systems, warrantied Cat6 and Fibre data networks, and more, for complete support, performance, and security from start to finish.

Don’t Upgrade or Relocate IT Infrastructure without Support

Are you:
•Relocating office equipment and IT infrastructure? 
•Expanding a server room or data centre?
•Frustrated with telecom performance?
•Wanting to add Wi-Fi, CCTV, AV room, or other capabilities? 
•Struggling to accommodate for growth?
•Overstressing your in-house IT team’s resources?
•Upgrading to advanced data networks?
•Lacking IT support for organizational changes?
•Wanting to ensure high-performance and security?

Large IT and network infrastructure projects require planning, engineering, security, and data-protection, especially if you want minimal interruptions to your operations. Many in-house IT teams simply don’t have the resources to complete these large projects efficiently and effectively in addition to their regular workload. 

That’s where our specialists come in handy. 

Data centre clean room

Technology Solutions

Our Comprehensive Services

Picture of a customer office after a complete Constructive-IT refit

Moving or fitting-out new offices is a hassle for you and your organization, but it’s our speciality. Our team of IT relocation and end-to-end experts will simplify the entire process while keeping your data safe, operations efficient, and future supported with premium infrastructure.


This includes network, data centre, cabling, power supply, WAN and LAN support, equipment migration, AV capabilities, and complete support from our friendly IT experts.

Rack cabling for server rooms

We make it easy to set-up or expand your network and Wi-Fi capabilities with minimal interruptions to your daily operations. From Wi-Fi survey and planning to premium installation and testing, we make sure that your network infrastructure accommodates your organization with end-to-end project management.

We will expand, enhance, and improve your hardware and software configurations, telecom network design, server rooms, data-security, and much more depending on your organization’s unique needs, goals, and budget.

Datacentre fibre cabelling delivery

Our team of electrical and network engineers, cyber security and compliance architects, and IT equipment and installation experts offer ad hoc projects including testing and evaluations, and customized services for your business. Our partnership with Excel Networking gives you 25-year warranty access to a wide range of premium services. 

Office telephone in hand

Custom Full-Service IT and Network Services in the U.K.

Constructive-IT provides end-to-end support for your largest, most complex IT projects to exceed your technology needs. We offer customized plans to ensure seamless integration and effective infrastructure designed and installed specifically for your organization. 

Whether you need to expand, relocate, or update, we’ve got you covered. We can help you relocate office networks with minimal downtime and interruptions or install new high-performance infrastructure to boost efficiency within your organization. Plus, we can analyse, assess, test, and improve Wi-Fi capabilities to accommodate growth.

If your current telecommunication, audio visual capabilities, data security, and IT performance just isn’t cutting it, we can create customized plans designed to meet your specific needs and budget. Additionally, we partner with Excel to offer 25-year warrantied Excel Cat6 and Fibre cabling that enhances performance and ensures your ready for rapid growth. 

Have an upcoming office relocation, network installation, or other IT infrastructure project?


The Constructive-IT Guarantee

For over 20 years, we’ve been dedicated to building relationships with our clients. That’s why our goal is to go above and beyond by offering support after going live. In fact, we never consider a job complete until you’re fully satisfied with the functionality, performance, and aesthetics of our work.

Our professional service with a personalized touch combined the finest craftmanship, premium-quality equipment, and a commitment to help you reach your goals. That’s why we offer custom projects for any organization and budget.

Three Simple Steps to Superior IT and Network Support in the U.K.


Use the button below to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your challenges so we can customize a project to help you reach your goals. 


Collaborate with us to relocate your office, install infrastructure, or assess and upgrade your IT and network capabilities

Ongoing Support

Receive complete support and end-to-end services until you’re satisfied, guaranteed.  

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Accredited Partnership with Excel Networks

Whether you are relocating, expanding, or upgrading your data network, you want the best support for your employees, teams, and office space. That’s because the best systems promote rapid communication, efficient data transfer, security and compliance, and preparation for future growth.

As an integral part of your organization, we ensure your data networks not only meet, but exceed your IT and tech expectations. Our partnership with Excel Networks means you can get premium Cat6 and Fibre data networks for exceptional performance for all operations including data, security, audio visual, and telecommunication.

Plus, our installation of these systems comes with a 25-year warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that your infrastructure will accommodate a quarter century of growth for your business. Your data network infrastructure and cabling is in investment…we make sure it’s a great one. 

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