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Excel Networking

Provisional Services for Office Buildings and Data Centres in the U.K.

We’re here to support your IT needs, no matter what they may be. With ad hoc services available to ensure your business has the infrastructure, equipment, servers, and capabilities to succeed, Constructive-IT is the top choice for asset audits, floor walkers, and premium structured cabling with Excel Networking equipment. 

Partnered with Excel Networking for Premium Performance

Since 1997, Excel Networking, owned by Mayflex, has been a leading end-to-end infrastructure solution in the U.K. and over 70 other countries. With innovative quality, customizable installation, and world-class performance, Excel Networking offers everything you need to succeed.


Now you can combine that excellence with the exceptional, customized services of Constructive-IT.

Network engineer instalkling fibre cables
excel close up to right of cab loaded patch panel
Excel networks 25 year warrenty from Constructive-IT

25 Year Warranty

You can rest assured knowing that your data network and structured cabling is the best available with a industry-leading 25 year warranty. This product and application warranty provided through our exclusive partnership with Excel Networking means your organization will be supported for a quarter-century, guaranteed.

The 25-year Excel warranty covers all Cat6 and Fibre cabling systems installed by Constructive-IT so you can maintain performance and bandwidth capabilities for a more efficient, growth-oriented workplace.

excel network install fibre in cabinet

Boost Performance with Fibre, Cat6 Copper Cabling Solutions

The Excel Networking equipment we are certified to install uses award-winning technology with flexible options designed to meet your framework needs and specifications. Designed for office and data centre use, these bespoke, customizable systems are made for durability, speed, and compliance, no matter what type of infrastructure you have or need.


Plus, with a wide range of copper categories, patch panels, modular frames, telecom cabling, outlets and hardware, and patch leads, the sky’s the limit. This allows us to customize specifically to fit your building, budget, and purpose.

excel fibre install

Enhance Speed Using Excel Enbeam Fibre Systems

These premium fibre optics systems are designed for cost-effective scalability. These structural systems offer the perfect balance of performance and reliability for upgrading small business, expanding office spaces, or supporting high-density data centres.

The fibre core medium utilizes light for transmission of telecommunication and data signals for exceptional speed and performance, innovation and flexibility, and easy maintenance, cleaning, and long-term support.

excel rack left angle

Achieve Flexibility with Excel Cabling and Server Racks

Constructive-IT installs Excel free-standing racks and frames that are attractive, versatile, and suitable for applications of all sizes and types. Designed for simplicity, performance, and your specifications with a variety of styles available.


With rack types for everyday communications, heavy-duty server applications, share facilities, compact locations, and high-density patching cable management, we can customize the solution to suit your specifications and preferences.

excel opening fibre panel

Optimize with Exceptional Power Distribution

Intelligent PDUs that allow your in-house IT team to easily monitor, manage, and measure your power consumption, Excel options provide greater flexibility than competitors. This allows us to customize power distribution for your business whether you need to manage visibility and analysis customer or department power usage, conveniently distribute power across your office, or develop mounting and socket types depending on your objectives.

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Full-Service Ad Hoc IT Services

If you have IT, tech, or infrastructure needs not listed in our services, we may be able to help. We offer customizable services of all sizes for all business types to help you improve performance, upgrade your systems, maintain security, and go-live without stress. If you are interested in seeing what we can do for you, simply schedule a consultation with one of our IT specialists. 

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